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Improved network for the changing demands of rural living.

Fast and reliable Internet is essential to keep up with the pace of today. More Canadians in rural communities rely on Fixed Wireless Internet service while working from home, attending class and enjoying online entertainment. That's why Xplore has invested heavily to improve our existing LTE network while we work tirelessly to deliver fibre and 5G to more and more rural communities across Cananda. We are committed to delivering the best possible Internet technology to Canada's rural communities.

Now everyone in your household can enjoy the upload speeds they need for things like online gaming, virtual classrooms and video conference calls, plus the download speeds they want for streaming video.

Start enjoying truly unlimited data on our fixed wireless network and get download speeds up to 50 Mbps and upload speeds up to 10 Mbps1 when you take advantage of this offer today. When you choose Xplore you receive a full service, professional installation by a local Xplore technician. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have access to our 24/7 technical support team, and the MyXplore mobile app. Plus, our Xplore Wi-Fi router is included in our most popular plans, so everyone in your home can enjoy fast Internet at the same time.

Wireless home Internet plans powered by our upgraded network:

LTE 25


For the first 24 months, pay only





Regular price: $99.99/mo

  • No Term Commitment

  • 25 Mbps max download speeds1

  • 5 Mbps max upload speeds1

  • Truly unlimited data

  • Xplore Wi-Fi router included

LTE 50


For the first 24 months, pay only





Regular price: $109.99/mo

  • No Term Commitment

  • 50 Mbps max download speeds1

  • 10 Mbps max upload speeds1

  • Truly unlimited data

  • Xplore Wi-Fi router included

$59 installation fee applies. No contract term required.2

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It’s now easier than ever to switch to Xplore. Simply call us today and we’ll walk you through your options, answer any questions you have, then connect you with a local technician for professional installation of your new Internet service.

See what customers are saying about Xplore Internet

  • We are so happy that we switched to Xplore. It has been great so far and any problems that we have had, the customer service has been excellent. I can't say enough about them. Thanks!

    Kelly S.

  • All my experiences with Xplore have been exceptional. When I decided to go with Xplore at my cottage the installer was amazing. He worked so hard to get the right connection for me for optimal reception.

    Jourdaine F.

    Napanee, ON

New look, same commitment to rural

While we may have a new look, our ongoing commitment to rural communities in Ontario hasn’t changed. For too long, rural communities have been forced to put up with slow, unreliable service that leaves them cut off from the world. They deserve more. They deserve the best. And that’s just what we deliver. We’re more committed than ever to network investments in Ontario that will ensure rural Canadians can enjoy the world-class broadband solutions they deserve with faster speeds, more connectivity, and truly unlimited data.

  • 24/7/365 Canadian customer support

  • Xplore’s most advanced Wi-Fi router - included!

  • Fast speeds to stream online movies and shows

  • Truly unlimited data

  • Professional installation by local technicians

  • Great for back to school

Our Belief

We believe everyone should have access to faster Internet, so we’re working hard to expand our network coverage to more areas every week.

If you’re looking for service to a remote location that’s not currently covered by our expanding wireless tower network, you can get connected with one of our satellite plans. Best of all, our satellite plans now include double the data we used to offer. Get 200 GB of full-speed data from only $109.99/month2so you can go beyond.

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